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Putting a "For Sale" sign on your front lawn and ads in all the local papers might find you a buyer, but did you know that doing so significantly reduces your chances of getting the best possible offer?

If your goal is to sell a property under the best possible circumstances, you need a good agent like Kerry Roth. A real estate agent can reach potential buyers that will never drive by your house and see that sign, or read your ad. An agent will set up a marketing plan that aggressively promotes the property you're selling to the people looking for it. They will carefully screen potential and serious buyers, saving you the trouble of having to deal with casual shoppers. Through a partnership with a responsible real estate agent, you get your home listed with quality, professional photographs. They will track paperwork, negotiate the offering process, and be front and center for all your questions. Most of all, the agent can make sure you don't make the most common mistake people that sell their own home make: undervaluing the property and selling it short.

We not only promise you all the above mentioned services. By working with Kerry Roth, you're also giving yourself access to the finest Internet tools for maximizing the sale of your home. If you're curious how much your property is worth, the only real way to know is to review what houses in your area are selling for. Our Recent Home Sales is an easy-to-use feature that lets you see exactly what properties in your neighborhood have received. We have resources that will make you a savvy seller from the comfort of your own home. Use our resources to get the 411 on appraisals, disclosures, negotiations, seller financing, selling at a loss, short sales and much, much more. And if you cannot find answers, contact us.

Before you put up that "For Sale" sign, consider how much time and effort you want to spend in finding a buyer. Think about how long it can take to find a serious buyer that's going to give you the price you want. According to the National Association of Realtors, sellers sell their properties in less time when dealing with an agent, and get better deals. You increase those odds significantly when you sell through Kerry Roth. Our resources and knowledge will always be used to your benefit.

Recent Home Sales - What are homes selling for in your neighborhood?

Seller Resources - Articles to help you navigate the selling process.
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