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About Germantown

The town of Germantown is located a mere thirty miles northwest of the white house, along the interstate 270 technology corridor. The blossoming and vibrant town is home to more than 70,000 residents. The DC areas town was first named in the early 1800's for the thick German accents prominent in a handful of its inhabitants. Today, the vibrant community, with a long history, is quickly is becoming well known for other reasons, leading CNN Money Magazine to list the town as one of "The Top 25 Best Places To Live In America."

Why Live Here?

What makes this community so desirable? The logistics of the town's location offer its residents easy access to the downtown are of DC. This commute is crucial to the many of the town's residents. In addition to the towns 3 exits along I-270, the town also features its own stop on the MARC Train, a local commuter rail, as well as its own regional transit center, where buses easily connect the town's residents to the Shady Grove Station on METRO's red line.

Real Estate

The town's affordable housing prices are another important feature the town's popularity. The picturesque town is able to offer its residents a variety homes befitting a myriad of lifestyles in a wide range of prices. The homes in this ideal DC suburb are known for giving home buyers a bang for their buck. From its multi-bedroom luxury style apartments with pools and modern amenities, to single family homes with mature trees and well landscaped yards, every type of property is available in a range of prices. Home buyers, who choose to buy real estate in this special community, pay significantly less for a home than what it would cost just 10 or 15 miles closer to the city.

Brief History

The first people to settle within the DC metropolitan area were native Americans. During the 1600's, when Europeans first began colonizing the area, there was already in place a village of Piscataway Indians at the mouth of Rock Creek.
The first of the area's European settlers who came to this area were the three Waters brothers, Zachariah, William, and Basil. The brothers traveled up Rt. 355 from the port of Georgetown and settled within the fertile and lush wilderness of colonial Maryland.
Over the years, an ever-growing number of people settled in the area of Rt. 355. Many of the settlers were of the Presbyterian faith and in 1845 a Presbyterian Church was constructed at the intersection of Rt. 355 and Neelsville Church Road.
The newly built Neelsville Presbyterian Church and the nearby Darnestown Presbyterian Church were served by the same local minister. To connect these churches, the area farmers built a road. The crossroads settled upon the road became known as "German town." The name was used as a reflection upon the heavy German accents of a handful of the people who settled there.
The modern town has added on many amenities and conveniences to the area. Today, little of the old town remains, as the old dirt roads and agricultural community of the long past have long since vanished. Between the years of 1970 and 1980 more than half of the town was rebuilt, giving the town a fresh start from which to build a future.

Community Amenities

The town has experienced a tremendous rise in growth in recent years as part of a larger systematic trend of expansion within the DC Metropolitan region. As the town's population has expanded, the town has enhanced the amenities available to the public. The town now boasts a world-class professional sports facilities, a beautiful town center with a new library and a myriad of restaurants.

Attractions and Activities

The wonderful DC area town is surrounded by more than its fair share of beautiful state parks, featuring lakes and plentiful recreational areas. Many of the area's natural resources are an attraction year-round. The area is host to a number of summer activities and popular seasonal events, such as the Germantown October Fest and a Winter Holiday Light Celebration.

Area Attractions

  • Butler’s Orchard
  • Lancaster County Dutch Market
  • Valley Mill Camp
  • Blackrock Center For the Arts
  • Germantown Outdoor Pool

The area is the proud home to several family-owned farms. The beautiful farms a variety of family-friendly activities, such as fruit picking and elaborate fall pumpkin festivals. The farms' events, as well as their scenic beauty, are a draw for families from all over the DC area.

Area Parks and Trails

  • Gunners Branch Local Park
  • Greenway Trail
  • Seneca Creek State Park
  • Hoyles Mill Conservation Park
  • Black Hills Regional Park
  • Ridge Road Recreational Park

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